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Planned Giving

Built to Last Legacy Society

Another way you can help support Habitat well into the future, is by becoming a member of our Built to Last Legacy Society. Built to Last Legacy Society members are long-term supporters and volunteers who have come forward to let us know they have included us in their estate plans and are choosing to leave a family legacy gift.

To become a member of our Built to Last Legacy Society, you first need to include Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona into your estate plans in any way you are comfortable with that fits your personal financial situation and family legacy goals. Secondly, you must let us know by downloading and filling out this enrollment form and sending it back to us.

By joining our Built to Last Legacy Society your important gift is providing us with the necessary financial support that will allow us to continue our mission of providing decent, affordable housing long into the future. If you have any questions, or need assistance with this important personal decision, please contact us and schedule a private meeting. We will be happy to assist you in complete confidence. For contact Liz at [email protected] to begin building your legacy.